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Vibration and Tilt Sensor (SW-420)

Vibration and Tilt Sensor (SW-420)

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The Vibration and Tilt Sensor works in a similar way to our Knock Percussion Sensor, but instead of a magnet attached to a spring, it has a metal ball housed inside a container.

When the sensor shakes or tilts, a metal ball inside the sensor bounces between metallic plates, and this resulting with an electrical signal is analysed and sent to the microcontroller to tell it that a shake or tilt has been detected.

The sensor features a trim potentiometer that allows you to adjust sensitivity with a Phillips head screw driver.

The module comes preassembled with three pins: 5V, Signal, and Ground. Plug these using jumper wires (we supply a pack of 120 here) into the respective pins on your board, and away you go! 

Applications for these include:

  • Physical pet toys,
  • Detecting movement in sport toys,
  • stability and crash detection for robots,

and many other interactions to detect mechanical tilting or shaking.

Note: these require a firm shake to sense the vibration.  If you need to detect more gently vibrations, we recommend using our Shock and Vibration Sensor (KY-002).

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