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Knock Percussion Sensor (KY-031)

Knock Percussion Sensor (KY-031)

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These knock sensors are great for sensing anything with a sharp impact or mechanical shock (e.g. firmly slapping the sensor).

The sensors house a magnet attached to the end of a spring. When hit, the magnet swings around and the receiver on the other end of the container picks up the fluctuating magnetic field. This signal is amplified and sent to the Arduino.

The module comes pre-assembled with three pins: 5V, Signal, and Ground. Simply plug these using jumper wires (we supply a pack of 120 here) into the respective pins on your board, and away you go! 

Applications for these include:

  • sensing impact in punching bags,
  • digital percussion instruments,
  • mechanical sensing in toys,

And many other interactions to detect mechanical shock.

Note: these do require some force to activate.  If your project needs to sense smaller forces/impacts, we recommend using our Shock and Vibration Sensor (KY-002).

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