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Jumper Cable 3-Pack (DuPont M-M, M-F and F-F)

Jumper Cable 3-Pack (DuPont M-M, M-F and F-F)

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DuPont cables are essential for plug and play circuits. and are perfect for connecting your Arduino, modules and breadboards together.  They come in strips of 40-wires, but you can peel these off to make individual wires or bus-cables for modules connections.

Our DuPont Jumper Cable Pack includes:

  • 40x Male-Female Connectors (20cm)
  • 40x Male-Male Connectors (20cm)
  • 40x Female-Female Connectors (20cm)

These cables are typically rated to carry 2A of DC current maximum, but we suggest you limit these to 1A DC maximum.

Note: These DuPont Cables are designed for 0.1" headers/sockets as this is the standard pitch distance for breadboards and Maker electronics.  This is compatible with breadboards, the headers on Arduino/Raspberry Pi pin headers, PCs, and all the modules we sell on our store.
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