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ToF Laser-Ranging Distance Sensor (VL53LOX) (GYUL53LDK / GY-530)

ToF Laser-Ranging Distance Sensor (VL53LOX) (GYUL53LDK / GY-530)

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This Laser Distance Sensor (known as GY-530 or GYUL53LDK) is one of the smallest sensors in our store - an IR-based digital distance measurement device able to measure objects up to 2m away. 

The sensor houses an on-board 2.8V DC linear regulator and logic level shifters, enabling the sensor to operate between 2.8-5VDC.  The board also utilises 0.1" headers for use on breadboards. 

The module measure 10.5mm x 13.3mm, and features a 3mm diameter mounting hole.

The sensor uses I2C to communicate and transmit distance readings. 


The GY-530 can be used for a variety of distance, proximity and object sense applications, including:

  • Robotic obstacle and cliff detection
  • 1D gesture recognition
  • Laser assisted auto focus
  • User detection (power switches, hand detection)

About the VL53LOX

The primary sensing unit is a VL53LOX, a new generation Time-of-Flight (ToF) laser-ranging module capable of measuring objects up to 2m away.  The VL53LOX integrates a leading-edge SPAD  (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) array and embeds ST's second generation FlightSense patented technology. 

The VL53LOX's 940nm VCSEL emitter (Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser) is invisible to the human eye.  This coupled with internal physical IR filters enables accurate range distance sensing in high ambient light scenarios and better robustness to cover-glass optical cross-talk.  This also gives the sensor a greater resilience against different target reflectances (unlike other technologies).

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