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Slot-Type Optocoupler / Photo Interruptor

Slot-Type Optocoupler / Photo Interruptor

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Slot-Type Optocouplers (a.k.a. Photo Interruptor) work by housing an LED and light sensor pair inside the U-shaped bracket.  The sensor detects anything that breaks the beam of light passing through the U-shaped bracket (hence the name Photo Interruptor). 

These Optocouplers / Photo Interruptors are often used for:

  • Object detection - such as end stops (e.g. 3D printers), door closure detectors (if magnets are unsuitable for the application).
  • Speed measurement - using optical encoders (a disk with slits - sold separately).

We stock the following variants:

  • 4-Pin Module -  Digital and Analog Output. 
  • 3-Pin Module (Digital Only) - This model is used for the optical end-stop on Prusa and RepRap 3D printers.  It uses a Vishay TCST2103.
  • VISHAY TCST2103 - standalone component - for use on breadboards.
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