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Pixy2 Object Recognition Camera (CMUcam5)

Pixy2 Object Recognition Camera (CMUcam5)

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The Pixy2 Cam is the latest and official version of object tracking camera modules by Charmed Labs.

The Pixy2 is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a variety of maker boards. Charmed Labs have a wiki page dedicated to the Pixy2 Cam.

To use the Pixy2: 

  1. Install the PixyMon software (available from their wiki page:
  2. Train your camera to locate particular objects. The Pixy2 can distinguish a variety of different coloured and shaped objects.
  3. Connect it to your board (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or another board)
  4. Program the rest of your system however you want it, and lastly
  5. Enjoy the magic! 

The Pixy2 Cam Kit contains:

  • 1x Pixy2 CMUcam5
  • 1x Pixy IO to Arduino ISP Cable
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Mounting Hardware
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