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Neopixel LED Strips

Neopixel LED Strips

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The Neopixel is a remarkable LED strip comprised of WS2812B LEDs.

Each LED is individually addressable, meaning you can set the colour of each individual LED in a strip to create amazing lighting effects.  Each LED can also be cut off individually from the strip and soldered using the pads provided on the strip.

The strip operates at 5V (unlike standard 12V LED strips), and a decent number can be powered from the 5V pin on an Arduino board. 

For Inspiration: The LED Staircase at World Square uses a series of Neopixels to generate a vibrant display.

Using Servos with Neopixels:  The Adafruit Neopixel library does have compatibility issues with the Arduino's built-in Servo Library; the Servo library uses interrupts to send commands, and this messes up the timing for messages sent to the Neopixels.  This article discusses both the issue and a fix:

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