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MG996R Servo Motor Pack (Fixed Angle / Continuous)

MG996R Servo Motor Pack (Fixed Angle / Continuous)

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The MG996R is a popular servo motor for beginner and maker projects.  This servo rotates within a fixed angle range (0 - 180 degrees), and features metal gears which allow for a high power drive in contrast to its plastic counterparts.

The servo motor pack includes 4 types of servo mounting arms, an axel screw to mount a servo arm, and mounting screws, grommets and metal studs to mount the servo to any pre-drilled surface.

The MG996R is an improved version of the MG995, featuring a new PCB and IC for better control capabilities, and improved motor and gearing to improve dead bandwidth and centering.

 The motor comes in two variants: 

  • 180 degree rotation angle - allowing for rotation to particular positions in a 180 degree arc, and
  • 360 degree rotation (Continuous rotation) - allowing for speed control in forward and reverse directions.
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