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Linear ThinPots - Touch Sensitive Potentiometers

Linear ThinPots - Touch Sensitive Potentiometers

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ThinPots are touch-sensitive linear potentiometers, which detect pressure and position of pressure applied to the sensor.  These operate in a similar fashion to our SoftPots, but have a much more narrow form factor - they have less protective film border around the edges of the sensor.  This allows you to place your touch sensors as close to edges as possible, or if you only have a narrow space for them.

ThinPots are made by Spectra Symbol, a leading manufacturer of touch and flexible film sensors.

We sell various lengths of linear ThinPots to suit your project needs. 

These come with male header pins to allow you to prototype circuits with breadboards, or to solder them with wires to your project.

Also check out our Linear SoftPots and Rotary SoftPots available.

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