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Laser Pointing Module/Component

Laser Pointing Module/Component

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These modules use a red (650nm 5mW, 6mm diameter) safe for everyday use and laser pointing.  They  are great coupled with a light sensor, such as our:

  • Light Dependent Resistors
  • Photodiodes

Applications for these include:

  • Laser-based or optical signals (especially with Optic Fiber)
  • Laser trip wires
  • Target tracking
  • Teasing cats

We sell two variants:

  • Laser Module - Comes on a 3-pin board (5V, GND, and Signal) to switch on/off the laser when used with a microcontroller.
  • Laser Component Only - for use as a standalone component for your circuits.  We recommend using an in-line resistor (at least 1kR) with this component to limit current.  The following are the component technical specifications:
    • Operating voltage: 3VDC
    • Output Power: 5mW
    • Operating Current: 16-20mA
    • Opearting Temperature: -36-65oC
    • Storage Temperature: -36-65oC
    • Level: Sub-industrial grade
    • Light Colour: Red (650nm)
    • Material: Brass
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