Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering Kit

Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering Kit

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LCD Soldering Service

This is a great introductory kit to mechatronics engineering, and is used in the UTS Mechatronics Engineering course.

This kit comes in three versions:

  1. UNO RFID Kit V2.1 (see update note): The full kit designed to give you all options for the assignments and for your personal projects.  Used throughout the Mechatronics Engineering stream in later subjects.
    UPDATE:  This is now the Uno RFID Kit V2.1 - this comes in a cardboard box (our push towards a greener future), but includes a 5V relay module (for higher voltage control circuits) and a USB-C adapter (for using the Uno with newer laptops). The Uno RFID Kit V2 is discontinued and no longer restocked.
  2. Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering Base kit + Tutorial Add-on: Designed to accommodate both the Assignment and Tutorials for Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering, and to give you more options for the assignments.
  3. Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering Base kit only: Only designed to accommodate for the assignments.

An additional variant for having LCD screens pre-soldered with I2C modules is available.  You will have an opportunity to learn how to solder in an optional soldering workshop later in the subject, however spots for this are limited.

Note: the Base kit alone does not come with an LCD screen.  The "unsoldered LCD" option for this variant is just a place holder. 


Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering Base Kit contains:

  • 1x Uno
  • 1x USB Type-A to Type-B cable,
  • 1x 9V DC barrel jack battery connector,
  • Breadboards:
    • 1x 400-Pin
    • 2x 180-Pin
  • 1x Line-follow sensor (KY-033, datasheet),
  • 4x Push Buttons with coloured caps (OMRON B3F-4055, datasheet),
  • Resistor pack containing:
    • 8x 220R Resistors
    • 10x 330R Resistors
    • 10x 1kR Resistors
    • 10x 10kR Resistors
  • LED pack containing:
    • 10x Red LEDs
    • 10x Yellow LEDs
    • 10x Green LEDs
    • 10x Blue LEDs
    • 1x RGB LED
  • 1x 10kR Trim Potentiometer (Bourns 3386P-1-103TLF, datasheet),
  • 2x Photointerruptors (Vishay TCST2103, datasheet),
  • 1x Four-Digit 7-segment display with decimal point,
  • 3x Photoresistors,
  • 1x RGB LED module,
  • Wire jumpers packs (Male-Male and Male-Female),
  • 1x 9G Servo.

    Tutorial Add-on includes:

    • 1x 16*2 LCD Display (LCD1602)
    • 1x 8-Bit I/O Expander chip – PCF8574 (Can be used to control of the 16x2 LCD display over I2C)
    • 4x Single-Digit 7-segment displays with decimal point.
    • IR Remote + Detector


    The UNO RFID kit V2.1 contains the following components:

    • 1x 400-pin breadboard
    • 2x 170-pin breadboards
    • 16x2 LCD Display (LCD1602)
    • 8-Bit I/O Expander chip – PCF8574 (Can be used to control of the 16x2 LCD display over I2C)
    • RFID Card reading module (MFRC522), with RFID Card and key chain,
    • Joystick module (KY-023)
    • 4x4 button board module
    • RTC module (DS1302)
    • Water level sensor
    • Temperature and Humidity sensor module (DHT11) (KY-015)
    • RGB LED module
    • Stepper motor (28BYJ-48), with motor driver module (ULN2003)
    • 30x jumper wire pack (Male-to-male)
    • 30x DuPont M-F cables
    • Microphone module
    • IR Remote
    • 10K potentiometer
    • 1x Four-Digit 7-segment display with decimal point
    • 4x Single-Digit 7-segment displays with decimal point
    • 8x8 LED matrix display
    • 9G servo motor (TowerPro SG90)
    • Buzzers
      • 1x ZLFY unsealed buzzer - datasheet
      • 1x potted sealed buzzer (washable, but keep sticker on when washing)
    • 2x tilt switch, ball type (AETHDX SW-520D) - datasheet
    • 3x photoresistors
    • 4x switches with coloured plastic caps (OMRON B3F-4055)
    • 9V battery connector with DC Barrel Jack
    • LED Pack, containing:
      • 10x 5mm Red LEDs,
      • 10x 5mm Yellow LEDs,
      • 10x 5mm Green LEDs,
      • 10x 5mm Blue LEDs, and
      • 1x RGB LED.
    • Resistor Pack, containing:
      • 10x 220R 5% tolerance,
      • 10x 330R 5% tolerance,
      • 10x 1kR, 5% tolerance, and
      • 10x 10kR, 5% tolerance.
    • 5mm High-speed IR Photodiode/Flame Sensor (BPV10NF)
    • IR receiver VISHAY TSOP382
    • 8-Pin Shift Register (74HC595) - datasheet
    • Temperature Sensor (LM35DZ) - datasheet
    • Uno R3 (Arduino-compatible) board with USB Type A to Type B cable
    • 1x 40-pin snappable male header
    • 1x Resistor Colour Code reference card
    • 1x Hermetically sealed glass reed switch
    • 2x VISHAY TCST2103 Photointerruptors
    • 1x IR Line Following Module (KY-033)
    • 1x Mini Philips (PH1) Screwdriver (for screwing relay terminals, servo arm and mounts)
    • 1x 5V Relay module
    • 1x USB-A(female) to USB-C(male) adapter.


    Note: these are sold as Trade Tools only.  Not for sale to the general public. 

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