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Conductive Thread - 10m

Conductive Thread - 10m

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Conductive thread is flexible and a great way to connect components together in any e-textile or wearables project.

Our conductive thread is made using stainless steel, and comes in spools of 10m.  If you require longer thread spools, please contact our sales team (we can make them longer).

Note: Stainless steel is not actually solderable without using a corrosive flux (very nasty to PCB solder joints).  However, it can be tied onto the holes of your board.  Once tied, you can then use solder to "trap" and secure the conductive thread in place.

Although conductive thread is hand washable, please promptly air dry.  Do not machine wash or tumble dry as this risks damaging the threads.  Do not power any electronics when wet, as this corrodes the circuit board and components' contacts, and permanently damages them.

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