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Bluetooth Transceiver Modules (HM-05/HM-06/HM-10)

Bluetooth Transceiver Modules (HM-05/HM-06/HM-10)

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Bluetooth Transceiver modules are the perfect way of adding Bluetooth functionality to your project.  It easily allows you to establish communication between your Arduino and other devices, including other Arduinos, PCs, phones and tablets.  Several libraries with Android functionality are available on Github.

These modules come pre-soldered with 0.1" male headers, and can be plugged straight into a breadboard (like our 170-pin breadboards) or 0.1" female header Dupont cables like in our Dupont Cable Bundle.

We stock three variants:


NOTE: Although these modules can be powered with 5V (they have onboard 5V voltage regulators), the key and communication pins operate on 3.3V.   Sending 5V to these communication pins can permanently damage the module.  If you are using devices that output 5V (such as an Arduino Uno), you can either use a logic level converter or a voltage divider circuit (uses 2x resistors per pin) to bring down the voltage. (You can use resistors in series with the pins, but determining the correct value is trial-and-error.)

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