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Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) - Accelerometer/Gyrometer/Barometer

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) - Accelerometer/Gyrometer/Barometer

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Inertial Measurement Units are a chip designed to measure acceleration, gyration (rate of rotation), and sometimes additional things like air pressure or magnetic orientation. 

They are perfect for motion detection, including 3-axis movement and rotation, and are often used in drones, self-driving cars, robots, and mobile phones. 

We sell a range of IMUs, including:

  • GY-521: 3-Axis Accerometer and Gyrometer (MPU-6050). 
  • GY-291: 3 Axis Accelerometer and Tilt Sensor (ADXL345). 
  • GY-89: 10-DOF Accelerometer, Gyrometer, Magnetometer and Altimeter (LSM303D + L3GD20 + BMP180). 
  • GY-50: 3-Axis Gyrometer (L3G4200D)
  • MMA7455 (YIK8): Freescale 3-Axis Accelerometer 

All come with pins and are ready to use for your project.  If you require these soldered on before shipping, add on our soldering services.

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