Introducing the Makey Makey and Makey Makey GO!

Introducing the Makey Makey and Makey Makey GO!

The Makey Makey Classic and Makey Makey GO are the newest addition to our product range, and are on sale for a limited time. 

Makey Makey have a long history in making touch-sensitive electronics accessible. 

Simply use the wires to clip onto anything conductive (including door handles, window frames, fruit, play doh) and plug the board to your computer.  Touching the objects closes the circuit loop, and the computer detects and interprets the contacts as keyboard or mouse button presses. 

Included with the Makey Makey kits are learning materials (handouts and lesson plans) for students and teachers.  These handouts are exclusive to Tinkery. 

At Tinkery, we're always working on new ways to enhance STEM learning by making technology approachable, fun and creative.  Buying our kits supports us to create more content for students, schools and Makers worldwide.

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