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MP3 Module Package

MP3 Module Package

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This DFPlayer Mini MP3 Module Package allows you to easily copy songs onto a microSD card, and play songs to speakers using your Arduino or as a standalone module.  It can be controlled with UART Serial (RX/TX capabilities), or with push buttons.

This package uses the DFPlayer Mini (MP3-TF-16P), a tiny 2x2x1cm module (with 0.1" pins pre-soldered) to play music, and can handle speakers under 3W output or earphones.

This package comes with:

  • 1x DFPlayer Mini (MP3-TF-16P),
  • 1x USB SD Card Reader
  • 1kR resistors - To use on the RX pin on your DFPlayer Mini.  (This protects the module from any voltage spikes from the Arduino, but another 1kR resistor can also be added to the DFPlayer Mini's TX pin to protect the Arduino).
  • 1x mobile phone speaker
  • 1x 30x20mm oval speaker

Note: microSD card not included.

More details about specifications, pinout, and libraries can be found on the DFRobot website.  [NOTE: despite the DFRobot website stating limitations on the file system (FAT16 or FAT32) and microSD card support (up to 32GB), we have tested it to work with 64GB microSD cards (using exFAT file system) without issues.]

If you require adding on more powerful speakers, we suggest adding on our Stereo Audio Amplifier Module

If you require any soldering or wire connectors for your speakers, try adding on our soldering services.

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