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Lilypad Arduino

Lilypad Arduino

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The Lilypad is a versatile board designed for wearable and e-textile projects. 

The board features large pads and holes designed for sewing conductive thread through.  

Simply connect the board to a USB or USB-to-TTL board to program with Arduino IDE. 

Once your code is uploaded, connect a battery connector like our 2xCR2032 battery holders to the VIN (+) and GND (-) pins on the Lilypad to provide power.  

We supply two models:

  • Lilypad ATMega32U4 - Features an ATMega32U4 with built-in USB Interface and LiPo battery connector.
  • Lilypad ATMega328P - Featues an ATMega328P for low-power (sleep) applications or where a thin board is required.  This model requires a FTDI USB-to-TTL Interface Module for programming (sold separately).
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