Uno RFID Prototyping Kit v2.1

Uno RFID Prototyping Kit v2.1

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The Uno RFID Kit V2.1 is an improved version of the Uno RFID Kit V2, and is a great all-rounder kit for new tinkerers and experienced Makers alike.  It offers much than the Uno RFID Kit V1, including:

  • Multiple breadboards for doing several projects (allows for design flexibility instead of just a single breadboard),
  • A variety of new sensors (optical and magnetic),
  • I2C LCD controller,
  • A variety of wire connectors, and
  • Tons more LEDs to increase the versatility and applications for prototyping with this one kit!

For added functionality we suggest combining this with add-on modules, including our MP3 Player Add-on Module, or Internet of Things (IoT) Add-on Module.

This kit is also used in conjunction with UTS Mechatronics Engineering and UTS Product Design courses.

This kit contains the following components:

  • Uno R3 board with USB Type-A to Type-B cable
  • 1x 400-pin breadboard
  • 2x 170-pin breadboards
  • 16x2 LCD Display (LCD1602)
  • 8-Bit I/O Expander chip – PCF8574 (Can be used to control of the 16x2 LCD display over I2C)
  • RFID Card reading module (MFRC522), with RFID Card and key chain,
  • Joystick module (KY-023)
  • 4x4 button board module
  • RTC module (DS1302)
  • Water level sensor
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor module (DHT11) (KY-015)
  • RGB LED module
  • Stepper motor (28BYJ-48), with motor driver module (ULN2003)
  • 30x jumper wire pack (Male-to-male)
  • 30x DuPont M-F cables
  • Microphone module
  • IR Remote
  • 10K potentiometer
  • 1x Four-Digit 7-segment display with decimal point
  • 4x Single-Digit 7-segment displays with decimal point
  • 8x8 LED matrix display
  • 9G servo motor (TowerPro SG90)
  • Buzzers
    • 1x ZLFY unsealed buzzer - datasheet
    • 1x potted sealed buzzer (washable, but keep sticker on when washing)
  • 2x tilt switch, ball type (AETHDX SW-520D) - datasheet
  • 3x photoresistors
  • 4x switches with coloured plastic caps (OMRON B3F-4055)
  • 9V battery connector with DC Barrel Jack
  • LED Pack, containing:
    • 10x 5mm Red LEDs,
    • 10x 5mm Yellow LEDs,
    • 10x 5mm Green LEDs,
    • 10x 5mm Blue LEDs, and
    • 1x RGB LED.
  • Resistor Pack, containing:
    • 10x 220R 5% tolerance,
    • 10x 330R 5% tolerance,
    • 10x 1kR, 5% tolerance, and
    • 10x 10kR, 5% tolerance.
  • 5mm High-speed IR Photodiode/Flame Sensor (BPV10NF)
  • IR receiver VISHAY TSOP382
  • 8-Pin Shift Register (74HC595) - datasheet
  • Temperature Sensor (LM35DZ) - datasheet
  • 1x 40-pin snappable male header
  • 1x Resistor Colour Code reference card
  • 1x Hermetically sealed glass reed switch
  • 2x VISHAY TCST2103 Photointerruptors
  • 1x IR Line Following Module (KY-033)
  • 1x Mini Philips (PH1) Screwdriver (for screwing relay terminals, servo arm and mounts)
  • 5V Relay module
  • USB-A Female to USB-C male adapter for programming with newer laptops


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