Uno R3 for Arduino

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Uno is the first Arduino board to be released marking the Arduino Software (IDE) 1.0 and is the reference board for the Arduino platforms.

This board is a simple board for your project needs, coming out with 14 digital input/output pins with 6 PWM and 6 analog inputs ensures you a decent amount of devices for your project.

The Uno can be powered with the included USB cable, or through the DC Barrel Connector to a 9V battery or wall socket supply.

We sell two variants of the Uno:

  1. CH340G – which comes at a lower price but requires a third-party driver (See this guide: CH340), and
  2. ATmega16U2 – which allows a plug-and-play use of the Uno.
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Additional information

Operating Voltage


Input Voltage

7-12 V (Recommended). 6-20V (Maximum).

Digital Ports

14 (6 PWM Output)

Analog Ports


DC Current per I/O pin

20 mA

Flash Memory

32 KB of which 0.5 KB used by bootloader

Clock Speed

16 MHz