Sharp IR Range Sensor

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This Sharp IR range sensor from Sharp has high resolution range detection for short distances.   It’s great for robots navigation, measurement, as well as creating interactive experiences based on different distances.

Because the unit is built in with a male JST connector, we have included a pigtail JST connector (female socket + ~10cm wires) with it.  Simply plug it into your breadboard and tinker away!

The Sharp IR range sensors come in a variety of models, each with a unique read range.

  • GP2Y0A41SK0F (4~30cm)
  • GP2Y0A21YK (10~80cm)
  • GP2Y0A71Y0K (100-500cm)

GP2Y0A41SK0F  Datasheet
GP2Y0A21YK  Datasheet

GP2Y0A710K Datasheet

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Additional information

Operating Voltage

Max: 0.3 – 7V DC , Typical: 5V DC


40.75 x 13.5 x 13 [mm]


4-30 cms, 10-80 cms


GP2Y0A41SK0F (4~30cm), GP2Y0A21YK (10~80cm), GP2Y0A710K0F (100~500cm)