Neopixel LED Strips

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The Neopixel is a remarkable LED strip. Each LED is individually addressable, meaning you can set the colour of each individual LED in a strip.

The strip operates at 5V (unlike standard 12V LED strips), and a decent number can be powered from the 5V pin on an Arduino board.

For Inspiration: The LED Staircase at World Square uses a series of Neopixels to generate a vibrant display.

Using Servos with Neopixels:  The Adafruit Neopixel library does have compatibility issues with the Arduino’s built-in Servo Library; the Servo library uses interrupts to send commands, and this messes up the timing for messages sent to the Neopixels.  This article discusses both the issue and a fix:

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1m, 5m, 10 cm

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Black, White