Mega 2560 for Arduino

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Replacing the Ardunio Mega, this board has the most ports of any Arduino board. Having a 54 digital input/output pins with 15 as PWM along with 16 analog inputs and 4 UARTs there are more than enough for most crazy projects.  Like the Uno, it can also be powered from either the USB cable provided, or from a wall socket or 9V battery using the DC power jack.

The board layout is design to allow most shields for the Uno and Duemilanove boards.

As for all Arduino-related microcontroller products, we recommend you download both the FTDI and CH340 drivers before using Arduino.

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Additional information

Operating Voltage


Input Voltage

7-12 V (Recommended). 6-20V (Maximum)

Digital Ports

54 (15 PWM Output)

Analog Ports


DC Current per I/O pin

20 mA

Flash Memory

256 KB of which 8 KB used by bootloader

Clock Speed

16 MHz