170 Hole Solderless Breadboard

$3.00 exc. GST

These 170-hole breadboards are great for quick circuits and prototyping sensors. The holes are spaced at the standard 0.1″, and are compatible with a whole variety of Integrated Circuits, components and modules (the same pin spacing used by Arduinos).  The board comes with 17 rows of holes, each row holds 2 pairs of 5 electrically connected holes  (the two clusters of 5 are not connected together across the middle strip).

These breadboards also come with an adhesive foam backing, which allows you to mount them onto the side of your housing with ease.

They come in five colours: Red, Green, Black, Blue and White.

See diagram for connection layout.

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Additional information


47×35 mm (1.84 × 1.37")


17 rows, 10 pins (2x 5 connected pins) per row.