STEAM Workshop – Sydney Spark Festival 2017

As part of Sydney SPARK Festival, the team at Tinkery was invited to conduct a series of workshops as part of the STEAM Popup Event at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS, previously known as Powerhouse Museum).  STEAM Popup is targetted at high school students and teachers to raise awareness of STEM, and to improve student awareness of the various related fields and industries.  The event was coordinated by CSIRO and Sydney City Council.

The team at Tinkery spent a whole week designing, developing and testing our Power Glove kit – a customizable Arduino-based kit worn on the back of the wearer’s hand as an interaction interface (or in our workshop, a game controller).  The Tinkery Power Glove Kit was our salute to the NES Power Glove, one of the world’s first commercially distributed consumer virtual reality devices, and to increase awareness of Interaction Design in physical and digital products.

We ran a series of 40 min workshops throughout the day, showing students coding and circuit building with Arduino, as well as using their kit to play Space Invaders through Processing (  The workshops were well received by both high school teachers and students alike.


For more information, check out the post about the event on Ribit (